Meet Francisco

Francisco Sotelo

Francisco Sotelo

Francisco Sotelo is a born and raised Landscape Maintenance provider. In fact, he’s the Second Francisco Sotelo in his family to find his life’s calling in this line of work. His father, Francisco Sr., started the business as a young man with a strong desire to be his own boss, a commitment to quality service and absolutely no equipment. Francisco Sr. built his business from scratch, borrowing equipment from clients and close friends. Eventually he saved up enough money to buy a 1989 Ford Ranger (which he still drives to this day) and business started growing. It was this hard work and determination that made the business thrive. During this time, at the age of 15, the younger Francisco began working for his father.

Over the years, Francisco learned about technical skills of the job, the importance of maintaining the equipment and, of course, developed a strong work ethic. After 20 hard-working years, Francisco Sr. decided to retire, leaving Francisco in charge of the business.

Today, Francisco has continued to grow the business, with a renewed commitment to investments in new equipment to help him be more effective and efficient, and to add new services. He has also expanded the business, hiring additional help to manage the growing workload.

Through it all, he has continued the same tradition and values that his father taught him about quality workmanship, fair pricing, honesty and dependability.

Francisco is a native Oregonian who currently resides in Tualatin, OR. When he’s not making your yard look wonderful, he enjoys working on cars and fishing in the local waterways. He also likes watching medieval style television shows (both fictional and historical) as well as learning about the universe on the Discovery and Science channels.